Digia shows how to create rich app ecosystem with Qt at CES 2013

Qt cross-platform application development & UI framework speeds creation of content for TV & automotive systems

Las Vegas, NV, January 8, 2013 — At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Digia is demonstrating how TV and automotive manufacturers, among others, can jumpstart their own software ecosystems by deploying the Qt application and user interface (UI) development framework. Qt enables the creation of the type of rich graphics and velvet-like animations to which smartphone users are accustomed, as well as rigorous and complex applications with intuitive UIs.

Using Qt, companies can develop consumer end-user applications and also create their own software development kits (SDKs) based on Qt to expand their application marketplace. Because Qt is a true cross-platform environment, developers are able to maximise their software investment and speed the deployment of applications across a variety of form factors. Once developed, apps can be installed on a range of devices utilising different software operating systems and silicon hardware to meet the needs of varying capabilities and consumer price points.

Individual demonstrations will include: an introduction to the Qt Creator tool; Qt N-screen strategy, showing the common development experience across various form factors including RIM BB10 SDK, Nokia PureView Belle and VxWorks 5.0; and examples of Qt’s portability and scalability leveraging common application code across Raspberry Pi, Entropic, BCM 7428 and IM.X 6 series hardware platforms.

Digia will be joined by its partners ICS, KDAB and Pelagicore who will be showing solutions for touchscreen, audio and automotive applications respectively.

 Visitors are welcome to join Digia at LVCC South Hall 1/2 Ground Level, booth # MP25070 for an introduction to Qt and what it can enable.

About Qt

Used by over 450,000 developers worldwide, Qt is a full framework that enables the development of powerful, interactive and platform-independent applications. Qt applications run native on desktop, embedded and mobile host systems, enabling them to deliver performance that is far superior to other cross-platform application development frameworks. Qt’s support for multiple platforms and operating systems allows developers to save significant time related to porting to other devices.

About Digia, Qt

Digia is responsible for all Qt activities including product development and commercial and open source licensing. Since March 2011, Digia Plc, the Helsinki-based services and consulting powerhouse listed in the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki exchange (DIG1V) has been the commercial licensor of Qt. In September 2012 Digia acquired the full Qt business from Nokia. Digia operates in China, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and USA.

Digia has in-depth Qt expertise and experience from demanding mission-critical development projects and hundreds of in-house certified Qt developers. We have helped leading industry players worldwide deploy Qt-based projects in the desktop, embedded and mobile space.

Digia’s goal is to provide desktop, embedded and mobile developers and companies with the most powerful cross-platform UI and application framework. Together with its licensing, support and services capabilities, Digia, Qt operates with the mission to work closely with developers to ensure that the projects are deployed on time, within budget and with a competitive advantage. http://qt.digia.com

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