Digital Vision's Valhall/DVNR HD Image Processing System Sold to IVC

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Digital Vision's Valhall/DVNR HD Image Processing System Sold to IVC Stockholm, October 16, 2002 - Digital Vision proudly announces the sale of a High Definition Valhall Control System with an ACP-Viper Colour Corrector, and its new ZOM Aspect Ratio converter and Pan & Scan processor, to the US based company IVC (International Video Conversions, Inc.). Headquartered in Burbank, CA, IVC High Definition Data Center is one of the world's largest HD mastering, restoration and conversion facilities. IVC has been a pioneer of and continues to break new ground in HD and Data Services. "The Valhall provides optimum control of our Virtual Telecine Process," explained Howard Lukk, Chief Engineer at IVC. "The ability to colour correct and pan and scan on one system with ease makes the work flow smooth and efficient. Digital Vision has come a long way to create an effective system that enhances our capabilities and allows us to provide our clients with a quality product in a competitive marketplace." "This decision by IVC to invest in our Valhall control system with the ACP-Viper and the new ZOM is an important strategic step for Digital Vision on the US Market," says Thorbjörn Gustafsson, Managing Director at Digital Vision (US), Inc. Digital Vision's new Aspect Ratio converter and Pan & Scan processor is primarily targeted for multi-format releases. Programmable on a frame-by- frame basis with sub-pixel resolution of scale and position controls, the ZOM is ideal for pan & scan applications. ACP-Viper is an advanced tool for digital colour correction of film and video, offering a refined opportunity to work with specific areas of the image using separate double primary and secondary colour correctors. Valhall is the only control system that accesses the full potential of Digital Vision's new range of DVNR Image Processing tools. The compact, modular and customized Valhall offers several user-friendly advantages in function and design. This and all Digital Vision press information can be found on our Website Digital Vision's business concept is to offer state-of-the-art technology and products to clients in film/video, multimedia and the distribution of digital television within three business areas: · Media Mastering, e.g. the digital mastering of feature films, TV- shows and commercials and the adaptation of these to DVD · Media Networking, the adaptation of images and sound to digital transmission networks · Digital Cinema, the digitalisation of traditional film for cinemas Digital Vision was founded in 1988 and today the company is comprised of the Swedish parent company and a sales company in the U.S. The company is dedicated to the development and the sales and support of systems. Digital Vision is listed on the Stockholm stock-exchange. International Video Conversions, Inc. (IVC) is one of the world's largest High Definition (HD) mastering and data conversion facilities, occupying over 55,000 square feet with a full time staff of seventy. IVC's clients include all of Hollywood's major studios and the company is regarded as the leader in its field. IVC was founded in 1983 by Ken Holland, an internationally acclaimed video engineer, to develop and provide new technology for interfacing film-to-video, data transfer and standards conversion. Under his continuing leadership, IVC has gained a worldwide reputation for its many breakthrough technical achievements and the high quality of its services. The Company has grown steadily and successfully through its ongoing development of improvements for HD mastering, digital restoration and data conversion of motion pictures and television programs. IVC's name on a film transfer or conversion master has become the hallmark for international technical acceptance. For more information, please contact: Harry Vesanen, Digital Vision AB (publ), Phone: +46-8-546 182 00, Fax: +46-8-546 182 09 E-mail:, Web site: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: