Successful US beta tests of Digital Vision's new grain and noise reducer AGR-IV

Successful US beta tests of Digital Vision's new grain and noise reducer AGR-IV Stockholm, November 8, 2001 - The US based company Level3Post has recently finished their beta tests of AGR-IV, Digital Vision's new grain and noise reducer aimed for film, videotape restoration and MPEG pre- processing. The AGR-IV's advanced motion processing, newly developed adaptive 3-D filters and innovative edge-preserving spatial filter allow facilities to produce cleaner and sharper pictures without reducing resolution or introducing undesirable motion artefacts. AGR-IV is based on the new DVNR real-time processing engine and is available in SD and HD formats. "My experience with the Digital Vision AGR-IV has been very positive", says George Cvjetnicanin, Sr. Colourist at Level3Post. "It really helps to enhance the overall quality of the 24P HD images I am currently working with and I look forward to becoming familiar with and using some of the more advanced features", he continues. "We believe that AGR-IV has a tremendous potential and we are happy to receive input from the experienced professionals at the Hollywood based company Level3Post", says Per-Olov Essehorn, Director of Sales at Digital Vision. "AGR-IV is included in Digital Vision's DVNR Image Processing Workstation and is a step closer to reaching the full potential of an artefact free image processing system controlled by Valhall, our new, cutting-edge control system". AGR-IV prototypes have been shown to the market earlier this year at the big trade shows NAB in Las Vegas and IBC in Amsterdam. After successful beta tests, the product is now ready for release. Shipments will start later this year. Digital Vision, a Swedish company founded in 1988, provides Media Professionals throughout the world with innovative post-production, pre- mastering, telecommunications and digital cinema products from offices in Stockholm, Los Angeles, Toronto and London, as well as via a network of more than 20 distributors. Digital Vision is organised into three business areas covering Media Mastering, Media Networking and Digital Cinema. Digital Vision has received a number of international awards including an Emmy Award for its work on advanced motion estimation technology. The company also holds the IABM Peter Wayne Award for New Technology for BitPack, its MPEG2 pre-mastering workstation and the ITS Monitor Award in recognition for the Advanced Scratch and Dirt Concealer. Digital Vision is listed on Stockholmsbörsen. [REMOVED GRAPHICS] ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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