Direct Selling Edge: The Ultimate MLM and Party Plan Start Up Conference


Las Vegas, NV, Sept. 6, 2011-- The Direct Selling Edge Conference is poised to quickly become the most informative conference in the direct selling industry for MLM startups and party plan entrepreneurs. MLM lawyer Kevin Thompson and MLM consultant Jay Leisner have teamed together to organize an event with the best professionals in the industry. If an attendee is unhappy with the quality, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The event is scheduled for September 22nd and 23rd in Las Vegas.

The conference is designed to help attendees better understand the essential pieces involved with launching a successful multilevel marketing or party plan business. With so many moving and inter-related pieces, it’s easy for startup entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed with the details. The conference simplifies the entire process and helps save business owners money and countless hours of time and frustration.

Network marketing professionals Kevin Thompson and Jay Leisner are teaming together with other experts to provide the best information for startup entrepreneurs. The event will be held on September 22 and 23 in Las Vegas at the Eastside Cannery Hotel and Casino.

In a recent interview, Kevin Thompson said, “Professionals from multiple disciplines and specialties are coming together to educate new MLM and party plan company owners. Attendees will receive 2 full days of education from top notch industry professionals. They will learn what they absolutely need to know about recruiting, compensation plans, what to do to keep them safe from federal and state regulators, social media insights, taxes, merchant accounts, how to buy the right MLM software and much more.”

Another benefit of the event that is the attendees will have an opportunity to personally connect with speakers and set 30 min appointments.

Attendees will gain step-by-step knowledge on all of the following:

  • how direct selling is different from other business models
  • what the July 2011 Burnlouge FTC decision means for you
  • how to leverage online and social media strategies to maximize direct selling growth
  • the legal limits for raising capital and the legal rights inherent with stock ownership
  • the differences between different types of compensation plans and how to assess which plan type is best for you
  • how Founder Programs work and why have one
  • the ABC’s of successful recruiting
  • insights from a master distributor on steps to take to attract the right talent.
  • the key behaviors we need to motivate in, and the building blocks of, compensation plans
  • how to select the right MLM or party plan software
  • specific strategies and case studies of successful network marketing and party plan companies
  • all about sales tax, 1099′s, unclaimed property reporting, and state income taxes
  • why one merchant account is not enough
  • simple methods to keep your MLM or party plan company safe from federal and state regulators
  • how the options of pilot programs, soft launches and hard launches can be used to ignite your growth
  • common mistakes of startup companies

Direct selling entrepreneurs looking to gain an edge in a competitive field should seriously consider attending this event. At a small price of $199 for your first ticket (and $100 for each additional ticket), attendees are guaranteed to leave with a clear strategy to get their businesses off the ground.

Instant access to the event information can be obtained at the Direct Selling Edge website:

For hotel reservations at the Eastside Cannery, call 702.856.5300.

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Kevin Thompson: Kevin is a MLM attorney that specializes in providing legal services for start-up network marketing and party plan companies. With a deep understanding of the changing legal landscape in the MLM industry, Kevin helps entrepreneurs to launch their businesses on solid legal footing.

Jay Leisner: Jay Leisner is a MLM and party plan consultant bringing over 25 years of unparalleled business experience and success to the direct selling industry. His company, Sylvina Consulting, has provided business consulting and software consulting services to home party plan and network marketing companies since 1999.

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Kevin Thompson