Divio Technologies announces self-service cloud shifting functionality

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Stockholm, SE: Divio Technologies AB (Publ) today announced the availability of self-service cloud shifting – an innovation that makes it easy to migrate web applications between regions and cloud vendors. This is a further step in the company’s strategy of consolidating multiple clouds to a single interface.

Divio Technologies’ cloud management platform simplifies cloud hosting, deployment and development. Self-service cloud shifting will now enable Divio platform users to effortlessly migrate applications between regions and underlying cloud vendors. This makes it possible to improve the end-user experience and take advantage of the different compliance features offered across cloud vendor regions.

 The new functionality is realised through Divio’s investment in multi-cloud technology, which makes it easy to access multiple cloud services via a user-friendly centralised interface.

 Multi-cloud technology addresses the needs of the growing number of enterprises using cloud services from multiple vendors, each with a different interface and proprietary tools. Unifying cloud services can reduce, or eliminate, the cost of maintaining cloud infrastructure and the expertise needed to operate and maintain cloud operations.

 Self-service cloud shifting is available now for enterprise clients and across the Divio partner network.

 Jon Levin, CEO of Divio Technologies, says: “Today's announcement of self-service cloud shifting is the next step in our continuing mission to drive business for customers through cutting-edge features and services. Our investment in multi-cloud technology, and the innovation opportunities it creates, means we are well positioned to address the current and emerging needs of enterprises.”

Press enquiries
For further information about Divio Technologies, please visit divio.com or contact CEO Jon Levin (jon.levin@divio.com) +46 732 44 70 66.

About Divio Technologies
Divio Technologies AB (Publ) is the Cloud Management Software development group behind the Divio platform, which simplifies cloud hosting, deployment and development via a PaaS solution. The platform allows enterprises to reduce costs, time to market and the burden on employees, as well as decreasing dependency on cloud vendors.

Divio Technologies AB (Publ)’s Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB, +46(0)8-528 00 399, info@fnca.se