Divio Technologies merges the roles of CFO & CEO

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After a successful stock exchange listing and the optimisation of administrative workflows, Divio Technologies has combined the roles of CEO and CFO into one position.

Following a successfully completed listing and a review of operational costs in Divio during 2019, Roderick Nilsson, CFO at Divio, finished his assignment and is leaving the company. The CFO duties will - until further notice - be taken over by the CEO and the existing organisation.  

Jon Levin, CEO at Divio Technologies AB said: “On behalf of the board of directors and the team at Divio, I would like to thank Roderick for his contributions to our strong position and the successful listing. As CFO, Roderick led company-wide efforts to optimise our financial setup, strengthen the group’s balance sheet and to complete the listing process. We wish Roderick all the best in his future endeavors.”

Roderick Nilsson said: “Working at Divio has been a great experience, and I am very proud of the milestones we have accomplished. With a strong financial foundation and a capable team, Divio is well-placed for the continuing drive to achieve its strategic goals of increasing subscription revenues and shareholder value.”

After the company has been successfully listed in 2019, the administrational tasks for a CFO role have been reduced significantly. Therefore, the board has decided to hand over the tasks and responsibilities of the CFO to the CEO for the time being. Furthermore, during 2019, extensive work has been conducted to automate and reduce the recurring administrative work performed by the CFO and the rest of the organisation.

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For further information about Divio Technologies, please visit divio.com or contact CEO Jon Levin (jon.levin@divio.com) +46 732 44 70 66.


About Divio Technologies
Divio Technologies AB (Publ) is the Cloud Management Software development group behind the Divio platform, which simplifies cloud hosting, deployment and development via a PaaS solution. The platform allows enterprises to reduce costs, time to market and decreases dependencies on employees as well as cloud vendors.

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