CEO of Nexcom receives: ”Most Innovative CEO Award”

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On Friday it was announced that Rolf Gordon Adamson, CEO of Nexcom, was named in Business Worldwide Magazines 2021 CEO Awards, as the winner of the category "Most Innovate CEO, Contact Centre Software Industry".

The awards have existed since 2014 and are designed to reward those individuals and companies most deserving in this global and challenging environment. They give a comprehensive analysis of the industry and a complete run-through of the best of the best in terms of industry leaders.

“I am honored to receive this recognition and although I am named as recipient, I receive it on behalf of the entire organization. From the very beginning, we have had a clear ambition of building our business on the grounds of the Nexcom values as well as a strong dedication and passion towards delivering great value to our customers.” says Rolf Adamson, CEO of Nexcom.

Nexcom designs and delivers data-driven, AI-powered software platforms that enable companies to monitor the customer experience across multiple touchpoints and automate tasks for companies to become more time-efficient while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“We help companies improve productivity, gain important business intelligence and make informed decisions, this ultimately makes companies more competitive.” says Rolf Adamson and adds “Being part of a strong team that has developed a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within Nexcom, we are of course pleased that the market has recognized this and as a result we have grown substantially this year.”

Nexcom’s presence has also been noted throughout the year as they have featured in magazines, digital platforms, and TV as a result of their innovative approach and AI powered SaaS solutions.


Contact information:

For more information and/or to arrange an interview with CEO Rolf Adamson, please contact Gerdur Dora Adalsteinsdottir, Communications Tlf.: +45 4576 4820.

Nexcom is a Danish-based SaaS company with a compelling purpose of enabling a hyper convenient customer experience for all, by using software robotics and artificial intelligence, that Nexcom have developed during the last 20 years working for agenda-setting Fortune 500 clients around the world.


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