Västra Hamnen: ViroGates - Better days to come

Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance has published a research update on ViroGates following its Annual Report for 2019. We see increased uncertainty but lean towards improved long-term outlook, writes Västra Hamnen.

  • COVID-19 raises awareness of the benefits of suPAR testing
  • Financial target reduced but pilot customers increased
  • We reiterate our fair value interval of DKK 68.50 – 100.50 per share

We have reviewed our analysis of ViroGates following the release of its Annual Report for 2019 last week. We have seen both good and bad news since our Initial Research report in January. At this stage, it is impossible to say whether the positives or negatives should be given more weight, so we maintain our valuation range and general view of the investment case while stressing that uncertainty has increased markedly.

The full report is available here.

The research report is prepared as part of Market Focus, Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance's commissioned research offering.

This is a press release from Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance AB. 
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Om os

ViroGates is an international Medtech company headquartered in Denmark, north of Copenhagen, in the heart of Medicon Valley. ViroGates was founded in 2001, based on an invention coming from Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark. Inventor and co-founder Jesper Eugen-Olsen discovered the utility of the biomarker suPAR in HIV. More than 600 publications have followed, substantiating suPAR as one of the most promising biomarker tools for various areas of healthcare. ViroGates has developed a product line called suPARnostic® to make the suPAR test available as a commercially available test and the ambition is to get the test implemented and used for clinical decision making.