Västra Hamnen: ViroGates - Steady progress

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Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance has published a research update on ViroGates following its Annual Report for 2020. The report shows progress on many fronts. Now including the market for forthcoming POC product in our valuation model, we raise our fair value interval for the share, writes Västra Hamnen.

  • Annual report shows progress on many fronts
  • suPARnostic POC+ to launch later this year, adding significant market potential
  • We raise our assessment of fair value to 104.20 – 162.00 DKK per share

ViroGates’ annual report last week documented advances in several exciting directions. Sales is growing, the number of routine customers is growing, and evidence for the usefulness of suPARnostic for triaging COVID-19 patients is growing. Furthermore, as the launch of the forthcoming point-of-care device suPARnostic POC+ is approaching, the addressable market is also growing. We think it is time to include this market opportunity in our valuation model, which prompts us to raise our fair value interval for the share to 104.20 – 162.00 DKK per share.

The full report is available here.

The research report is prepared as part of Market Focus, Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance's commissioned research offering.

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