Information regarding intragroup merger and listing of DNB Bank ASA

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On 30 November 2020 the general meetings of DNB ASA and DNB Bank ASA resolved to merge the companies with DNB Bank ASA as the surviving entity. DNB Bank ASA will be the new holding company in the DNB Group following the merger, and all outstanding shares of the company will be admitted to trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The merger will be implemented after close of trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange on 1 July 2021. The shares issued by DNB ASA can be traded until close of trading on this date. Shareholders in DNB ASA at the time of implementation of the merger, as registered in the Norwegian Securities Register (VPS) on 5 July 2021, will receive one share in DNB Bank ASA for each share held in DNB ASA.

Trading in the shares of DNB Bank ASA will commence on 2 July 2021. The shares of DNB Bank ASA will from this date trade under the ticker “DNB”, which is the current ticker of DNB ASA, on ISIN NO 001 0161896.

DNB ASA will be traded under the ticker “DNBH” on the last two trading days prior to implementation of the merger. Due to technical restrictions this is necessary in order to facilitate that DNB Bank ASA can use the ticker “DNB” permanently after completion of the merger.

The NewsWeb history of DNB ASA will continue to exist under the ticker “DNB”, while the history of DNB Bank ASA will continue under “DNB Bank ASA_old”.

DNB Bank ASA has prepared and published an “Exempted Document” pursuant to the prospectus regulation as part of the listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The Exempted Document, which may be found on, is an information document that provides an overview of the business and organisation of the DNB group. The Exempted Document is not a prospectus and has not been reviewed or approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.

An overview of the timeline related to the implementation of the merger and the listing of DNB Bank ASA on the Oslo Stock Exchange is included below:

DNB ASA changes temporary ticker to «DNBH» 30 June 2021
Last day of trading of DNB ASA on the Oslo Stock Exchange 1 July 2021
Effective date for implementation of the merger 1 July 2021 after close of trading
First day of trading of DNB Bank ASA on the Oslo Stock Exchange 2 July 2021
Record date in the VPS 5 July 2021
Shares in DNB Bank ASA delivered through VPS 6 July 2021

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcements dated 22 October and 30 November 2020, and 27 May and 24 June 2021, for further information about the merger.