DOCOMO Digital enables Google Play carrier billing for Asiacell

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10 Nov, Baghdad

DOCOMO Digital, the world’s preeminent mobile commerce enabler, has enabled direct carrier billing on Google Play for Asiacell, Iraq’s leading mobile carrier. As the largest global integrator of Google Play carrier billing, DOCOMO Digital will bring best-in-class service support and analytics to Asiacell as part of this integration. This is one of the early integrations to the recently introduced Google Standard Payments Platform. Asiacell subscribers can now pay for digital services and content as part of their mobile phone bills or pre-paid balances.

Carrier billing is an increasingly popular mode of payment for digital services especially in emerging markets across the Middle East region, as it allows faster and frictionless transactions in App stores such as Google Play while providing better transparency and control over purchases for subscribers. Digital content consumption including video streaming and gaming has been on a steady rise in Iraq.

“Asiacell is committed to bringing a great customer experience for our subscribers. And we are pleased to be one of the first mobile carriers in the region to be on Google’s new platform thanks to our partnership with DOCOMO Digital.”, said Chra Hussain, Chief Commercial Officer at Asiacell.

“We are pleased to see our partnerships with the Ooredoo group grow from strength to strength. Our state-of-the-art managed service platform is purpose-built to make integrations with app stores happen for our telco partners quickly and reliably. And our teams have been working closely with our partners to ensure onboarding of the new Google Standard Payments Platform for carriers is seamless.”, said Jonathan Bennett, Chief Commercial Officer at DOCOMO Digital.

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About Asiacell  

Asiacell is a leading provider of quality mobile telecommunications and data services in Iraq with a subscriber base of nearly 14.2 million customers as of January 1st 2019. Asiacell was the first mobile telecommunications provider in Iraq to achieve nationwide coverage, offering its services across all the Iraqi governorates including the national capital Baghdad and all other major Iraqi cities. Asiacell's network covers 97.78% of the Iraqi population, which makes its national coverage the widest among the mobile operators in Iraq. Asiacell is also the best internet provider with its 3.9G data services, offering the best network coverage in the entire of Iraq since January 2015.

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