In an announcement at the Linux World conference in San Francisco today, Dolphin will demonstrate and announce it`s first two IO expansion products based on it`s latest generation PCI Express technology.

The PCI Express technology has been developed, and became available to Dolphin, through the merger with the former StarGen organization earlier this year.

As the industry continues to move to PCI Express as the dominant IO interconnect standard, the need to support or add additional high performance PCI Express devices to servers and systems increases. Additionally, the highest level of system design flexibility requires the ability to locate IO remotely at significant distance. Dolphin`s expansion products meet these requirements without the distance restrictions of existing expansion solutions. By supporting fiber optics Dolphin breaks through the 5-10 meter limitations of copper cable solutions, enabling up to 300 meter distances using fiber.

PCI Express is the overwhelming new interconnect standard in the Server industry and these new products will be followed by a series of product launches based on Dolphin`s new PCI Express hardware platform in the months ahead.

See full press release attached at Newsweb or at company homepage.

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