Danny Aerts joins DomainCrawler as senior adviser

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Danny Aerts, a seasoned professional from the domain name industry, will join DomainCrawler as a senior adviser starting September. 

Danny has over 30 years’ experience in the IT-sector, having spent the previous 15 years as CEO at Swedish Internet Foundation (Internetstiftelsen), the Swedish registry. Prior to joining Internetstiftelsen Danny worked at several other telecom companies, including Unisource Mobile, Telia, PTT Telecom, and Spray where he also served as CEO. He has also been a Member of the Board of Directors at EURid.  

Following his resignation from Internetstiftelsen in August this year, Aerts accepted a proposal to become DomainCrawler’s Senior Adviser. Danny’s wealth of experience in the domain name industry will drive DomainCrawler to achieve its strategic goals and propel the company to a new level.  

“Danny is an experienced and thoughtful industry adviser, and his guidance will be of immense value to our team. We are delighted to welcome him on board ”, announced Rickard Vikström, the Founder of DomainCrawler. 

As senior advisor, Aerts will work with DomainCrawler’s leadership to identify, execute and invest in technical development and marketing opportunities. “I’m excited to assist DomainCrawler both with experience and advice. From what I’ve already seen, it is a highly ambitious project with a team of very talented people who consider the quality of their work their main priority. I’ve no doubt that together we’ll be able to do amazing things” shared Danny.  

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