Free webinar: Developing domain monitoring strategy for registries and registrars

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On March 17th, DomainCrawler, a Swedish provider of structured domain data, will bring together prominent experts from the domain management industry to discuss latest developments, trends and technologies during a free webinar on developing a strategy for domain monitoring.

Over the past six months, DomainCrawler has conducted three insightful events dedicated to brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and SEO. Now, they have announced their next webinar entitled "Developing domain monitoring strategy for registries and registrars" which promises to be their biggest endeavor so far. The event will be dedicated to unravelling the complex topics of domain management, and in particular, management of abuse cases. Important questions being discussed will include:  

  • How can domain abuse monitoring decrease the amount of abuse plus support needs of registries and registrars?  

  • What are the responsibilities of registries in taking down fraudulent domain names?  

  • What are the best practices of domain abuse management?  

  • How to utilize domain data for abuse management?  

In order to tackle the topic from different possible angles, DomainCrawler has invited high-profile speakers:  

  • Rickard Vikström, founder at DomainCrawler and also founder of Internet Vikings – one of the biggest domain name registrars for the iGaming industry in Europe. 

  • Danny Aerts, Senior Adviser at DomainCrawler, who served as CEO of the Swedish Internet Association for 15 years. 

  • Peter van Roste, CEO at CENTR. 

As for the audience, the event will obviously not only be interesting to registries and registrars, but also to hosting providers, brand protection specialists and portfolio managers etc. 

"Domain monitoring and abuse management is a hot topic right now since the amount of abuse has increased during the pandemic. We hope our knowledge sharing event will empower specialists across the industry to fight malicious practices better", says Rickard Vikstrom who will be facilitating the discussion. 

The event will be conducted free of charge on March 17 at 16:00 CET. All those interested are invited to join by registering via the link below:


For press inquiries please contact  
Volodymyr Holovash 
+38 066 32 53 061 

About DomainCrawler: 

DomainCrawler is a leading B2B provider of quality domain and backlink data via easy-to-integrate solutions. With one of the most comprehensive and frequently updated databases in the world, DomainCrawler provides domain registries and registrars with the most accurate web data, allowing them to conduct thorough domain monitoring and abuse case management.