Roger Fidler named DeTao Master for New Media Development in China

Roger Fidler, program director for digital publishing at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, has been named DeTao Master for New Media Development by the Beijing DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA). The DTMA currently has selected about 60 DeTao Masters from around the world. All are considered among the most distinguished and creative in their fields.

As a DeTao Master, Fidler will lead initiatives relating to the development of next-generation new media and digital publishing technologies. He is working with the DTMA to create a new website that should be online by the beginning of 2012. He has also begun writing several short eBooks about new media and digital publishing that will be published in Chinese and English.

Fidler will continue to work as the RJI Program Director for Digital Publishing and Director of RJI's Digital Publishing Alliance.

"I'm obviously pleased to be named as a Master by the DeTao Masters Academy. The DeTao's vision of contributing to human progress by gathering and sharing the world's developing wisdom is a big idea that can afford enormous benefits globally as well as for China," said Fidler. "I feel truly honored to be given this opportunity to contribute in some small way."

Fidler recently spent a week in Beijing and Shanghai to work with the other DeTao masters and DTMA leaders. While there, he attended the SIVA-DTMA Autumn Gathering  and the signing of a cooperative agreement with the Shanghai Film Group Corporation. The Shanghai Institute for Visual Arts (SIVA) and DTMA jointly operate the Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industry Clustering (CCIC) program.

Fidler also spoke at Peking University's 2011 Universal Youth Creative Leaders Forum in Beijing and met with three former Missouri School of Journalism students.

Kelly Peery
Communications Coordinator
Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute

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