DONG Energy sells electrical installation business to NCC

Sale with view to development and collaboration

Electrical contracting is peripheral to DONG Energy's present strategic focus and business vision. Therefore DONG Energy is now signing an agreement with NCC Construction Danmark A/S for the sale of this business. Further to the sale, the two companies have reached an agreement about closer collaboration in the future. Sale with view to development and collaboration "We endeavoured to find a buyer, who would become a competent collaboration partner and thereby live up to our expectations when we recommend to our customers to have energy-saving and installation work carried out," says DONG Energy's Marketing Director Allan Schefte. "NCC carries out installation contracts in all areas and is the first contracting company in this country to be certified as a "registered energy efficiency labelling company." In 2008 NCC won the energy strategy award in the Climate Cup. NCC will be able to develop the installation business and help to give more of our customers sustainable, climate-friendly services," predicts Allan Schefte. ”With NCC Construction as the installation contractor, some of the work will remain with us in terms of construction, project work, along with technical installations and Telecom in large areas of Denmark. We have in the course of this process established that NCC and DONG Energy have identical strategic objectives in relation to energy and sustainability, and that we will be able to complement each other in several areas. I therefore look forward to an even closer partnership, among other things, as one of DONG Energy's Cleantech partners in the private customer area, but also in developments of climate partnership concepts and energy consultancy," says Vice Chairman Klaus Kaae. ”DONG Energy’s electrical installation business has achieved very high scores in all customer satisfaction surveys. Employees have a wide range of skills and can successfully handle large projects for both private and public companies as well as with work residential households. This is yet another way that the electrical installation business matches NCC's great experience with production management. We are very happy about the acquisition and the future partnership with DONG Energy," says Klaus Kaae. NCC is taking over DONG Energy's electrical installation business with its 26 staff on 1 January 2010. DONG Energy will continue to solve power cuts The sale does not affect DONG Energy's activities in relation to the power distribution grid. Customers affected by power cuts should contact DONG Energy as before, which will continue to be responsible for fixing faults in the power grid. For more information, contact: NCC Construction Communications and Marketing Director Margrethe Lyngs Mortensen, + 45 4089 1700 DONG Energy, Media Relations, Press Officer Morten Kidal +45 9955 9583 NCC in Denmark is divided into four business units, NCC Construction Danmark A/S, NCC Roads A/S, NCC Bolig [Home] A/S and NCC Property A/S – all 100 % owned by NCC AB. NCC is one of Denmark’s largest development and contracting companies with around 3,300 employees. NCC AB is publicly quoted on the Stockholm stock exchange and conducts the majority of its business in the Nordic countries. With 20,000 employees and annual sales of SKK 57 billion, NCC is one of Scandinavia's and indeed one of Europe's major contracting companies. or more information visit DONG Energy is one of Northern Europe's leading energy concerns with headquarters in Denmark. Our business is based on the acquisition, production, distribution and trading in energy and associated products in Northern Europe. We employ about 6,000 persons and generated over DKK 60 billion of sales (EUR 8.2 billion) in 2008. For more information visit

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