DONG Energy to serve all electricity customers from one

From three to one

Up to now DONG Energy’s electricity distribution has been operated by three separate companies. The companies have been responsible for the grid in each of DONG's districts – City, North Zealand and Frederiksberg. Now the electricity companies and grid areas are being merged. There will thus only be one company, DONG Energy Eldistribution, which will operate the grid for the whole territory. The merger will mean a harmonization of the net tariff that is paid by all DONG Energy's grid customers. The net tariff covers the cost of transport of power through the grid and, as a consequence of a range circumstances, this tariff is set to fall in 2010. "I hope that the merger will mean increased transparency and simplicity for customers. Moreover, it enables us to simplify a series of internal processes such as administration and IT/system operations," says Dong CEO Lars Clausen. Payment procedure to change From the start of 2010 DONG Energy will change the date on which invoices on account are paid. At present they are paid after the power has been consumed. Now payment is to be moved forward by about two months. "In the new year, we will send out letters to all customers who pay on account on an ongoing basis. In the letter we explain this changed payment procedure. Our customers will gradually receive electricity bills earlier than normal from mid-2010 and the rescheduling will finally be completed in spring 2012. Annual tax returns from March 2010 and beyond will provide a summary of the changed payment procedure," explains Lars Clausen. For more information contact: DONG Energy Media Relations + 45 9955 9552 Morten Kidal +45 9955 9583

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