Inbicon certifies Pöyry USA as preferred engineers for North American build-out of New Ethanol technology


Inbicon today announced its certification of Pöyry (Appleton) LLC as meeting all quality, reliability, and professional standards necessary for engineering projects involving Inbicon Biomass Refineries. “After a rigorous review of top firms, we chose Pöyry because we need the highest level of engineering expertise,” says Benny Mai, who manages Inbicon’s development of commercial-scale technology, which turns harvest leftovers like corn stover and wheat straw into cellulosic ethanol and renewable electric power.

“By certifying engineers with superior capabilities such as Pöyry, we lower the risk for prospective owners of renewable energy parks using our technology,” Mai says. “We also lower our own risk to the point where we can offer performance guarantees that wrap the entire Inbicon Biomass Refinery, not just our patented process technology.”

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Pöyry employs 7,000 people worldwide in 50 countries, including the American office in Appleton, Wisconsin.

“We’re really looking forward to a long-term relationship with Inbicon,” says Carl Micke, Vice President of Projects and Construction Management for Pöyry (Appleton). “We have all the different engineering disciplines they’ll need, and Inbicon has a process proven at demonstration scale at Kalundborg, which gives them an important edge in an industry with tremendous growth prospects.”

In a typical Inbicon project, 1200 metric tons per day will be converted into 20 million gallons a year of The New Ethanol; 180,000 MT/year of clean lignin, used to produce green electricity; and 185,500 MT/year of C5 molasses for livestock feed or conversion to higher-value green chemistry products.

Given the corn stover and wheat straw currently available after the annual U.S. and Canadian grain harvests, Inbicon envisions a potential 500 biomass refineries producing 10 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol a year and generating as much as 20,000 MW of green power by 2022.

Mai says Pöyry’s role will be “to help identify customers for Inbicon technology, do process engineering, develop projects, and help in their execution. This will include estimating, scheduling, project management, and detail engineering.”

Micke, with Pöyry in Appleton since 1991, cites his company’s deep experience developing major projects for the pulp and paper industry, “which translates well into the bioenergy and power industries. And with sister offices in Vancouver and Montreal, Pöyry can satisfy licensing requirements in both the U.S. and Canada.”

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Facts about Inbicon A/S
Inbicon A/S develops technology for conversion and refining of soft ligno-cellulosic biomass into fuel, feed, and green chemistry products. The company has operated a pilot plant since 2003, and in December 2009 the first Inbicon Biomass Refinery was inaugurated in Kalundborg, Denmark, to demonstrate the technology. The plant converts wheat straw into fuel grade ethanol, animal feed, and lignin pellets for energy production. Inbicon is a subsidiary of DONG Energy A/S and organized under the business unit New Bio Solutions.


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