Management Changes in DONG Energy in Germany

Dr. Markus Laukamp, CEO for DONG Energy Sales GmbH and for DONG Energy Germany AG has decided to take on a new position within DONG Energy as Project Development Manager in Renewables, DONG Energy Power. Until a new joint CEO has been appointed, Mr. Torben Mønsted, Senior Vice President in DONG Energy, will be directly responsible for DONG Energy`s German sales activities. Head of Sales, Mr. Jörg Blaurock, will take the position as CEO for DONG Energy Sales GmbH, and Head of Back Office, Dr. Götz Dittrich, will take the position as CEO for DONG Energy Germany AG until a new joint CEO has been appointed. Both will be reporting to Torben Mønsted in his capacity as chairman of the respective boards. The changes will be effective from 1 April 2010. For further information, contact: DONG Energy Media Relations Kathrine Westermann +45 9955 9725 Facts about DONG Energy in Germany In September 2009 DONG Energy acquired the majority share, 83.57 %, of the energy company KOM-STROM AG, in Leipzig, from Deutsche Essent GmbH. Before the acquisition DONG Energy was represented on the German energy market with the Hamburg based wholesale company DONG Energy Sales GmbH. 15 March 2010, the name of KOM-STROM was changed to DONG Energy Germany AG. KOM-STROM AG held a strong client base in the Southern part of Germany and with the acquisition DONG Energy went from a presence primarily in the Northern part of Germany to covering all parts of Germany. DONG Energy also gained a broader scale of products as KOM-STROM was strong in power sales to Stadtwerke and industrial customers and DONG Energy was strong in gas sales.

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