Strong interest in the DONG Energy Gas Release Auction

DONG Energy today completed its fifth annual gas release auction

DONG Energy today completed its fifth annual gas release auction of 400 million cubic metres of natural gas – equivalent to 10% of the Danish gas market. As in the four previous auctions, all of the natural gas offered was sold. The auction is based on DONG Energy’s “Two-Way Gas Release” concept, in which DONG Energy delivers natural gas in Denmark to the company’s competitors and, in return, receives corresponding gas volumes in other European gas markets - in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. "There is a strong and continued interest in the gas auction, also confirming the trend towards natural gas markets developing into a North European market. We are glad to report that demand was solid and, once again, the auction sold out” said Mr. Jan Ingwersen, Vice President at Energy Markets in DONG Energy. Nine bidders were signed up for the auction, in which 10 lots of 40 million cubic metres of natural gas were offered. The auction ran for 9 rounds. The result was that the 10 lots, which are to be delivered by DONG Energy in Denmark, will be exchanged for 5 lots at GasPool in Northern Germany and 5 lots at NetConnect Germany in Southern Germany. The auction is part of DONG Energy’s commitment to the European Commission following the approval of the merger of the six Danish energy companies, which in 2006 formed DONG Energy. The web-based auction was conducted by an independent third party administrator. Read more on For further information, please contact: Media Relations Ulrik Frøhlke +45 9955 9560

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