Donkey Republic is now on Google Maps!

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Donkey Republic data is now available through Google Maps, allowing millions of riders to plan trips and get directions using our bike sharing service for a faster, more sustainable travel plan. To start with, the Donkey bikes will be visible on Google Maps in Berlin, Barcelona and Copenhagen. 

Copenhagen, July 5th 2021: Donkey Republic is excited to announce an integration with Google Maps that will help millions of people easily find Donkey Republic’ micromobility services.
Donkey Republic will be one of the first European-based micromobility services to be integrated to Google Maps, starting with Berlin, Barcelona and Copenhagen coming online in the first phase of the integration.

Important step for Donkey Republic vision on improving mobility in cities.
Making bike sharing solutions available in platforms like Google Maps is not just an important step for Donkey Republic but also for improving mobility in cities. 

“Today, over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. This number is estimated to increase to more than two-thirds by 2050* Improving accessibility to transportation is key to reducing car trips and, thus, supporting cities in their transition towards sustainable urban mobility. We are very happy to see Google Maps add more bike-sharing options,  integrating Donkey Republic's reliable and affordable service. We are looking forward to providing more people with convenient, affordable and healthy mobility options." - Erdem Ovacik, co-founder and CEO at Donkey Republic.

Donkey Republic believes that cycling is the future of urban mobility and has a vision to provide the best micro-mobility options for citizens. Donkey Republic is already integrated into +15 MaaS (Mobility-as-a-service)-app’s such as Rejseplanen, Gaiyo, Urbi, Transit, Rydies, and Moovel.

This integration with Google Maps is an important milestone for Donkey Republic's journey towards reaching our goal to create a better world by making sustainable mobility available to everyone. The introduction of our shared bikes in Google Maps will likely raise awareness and help new and experienced riders discover our services.We expect this will have a positive impact on our growth by helping us obtain more Donkey Republic riders.” - Alexander Frederiksen, co-founder and CSO at Donkey Republic.

How the integration will work for the users

  • Convenience: Google Maps lets you find public micromobility travel options like Donkey Republic and real-time vehicle availability. With this integration Donkey Republic information becomes accessible to Google Maps users in various languages. It can also make eco-friendly trip planning quick and easy.
  • Walking directions: Google Maps can provide walking directions, so you can find out exactly how to get to the nearest Donkey bike, and how to get to your destination once you park the bike at one of our hubs if other forms of transport is needed.
  • Information accessible by mobile: Making last-mile trip planning easier for our riders. It integrates bike locations and launches the Donkey app directly from Google Maps.

The EU’s Covid-19 recovery plans are also in favour of the bikesharing market as 30% of the EUR 750bn reconstruction budget is allocated to fight climate change e.g. through “clean mobility” which has been specified as green investments.**

Health Benefits for Donkey Republic riders  

  • The average Donkey Republic rider takes two trips a day and cycles 2.4km per trip***

  • Our riders are gaining €2,01 in health benefits with every ride

Donkey Republic bike sharing service making cities more sustainable

  • Supporting public transport system with 50% of trips replaced

  • By cycling to work or doing your errands with a Donkey Bike, it reduces congestion costs to the city by 10 times that of a car trip

*  United Nations (2019), World Urbanization Prospects, 2018 revision
** European Commission (2020), European Parliament (2020)
*** Donkey Republic Footprint Analysis (One trip is average 3km). European Commission 2019. ITF 2020. COWI 2020.


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Donkey Republic is a leading provider of end-to-end bike-sharing solutions. The Company is expanding across Europe and as of Q2 2021 it operates +13,420 bikes in 15 cities as Mobility-as-a-Service (“MaaS”) provider as well as licenses its platform as Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) to partners operating +3,100 bikes across +60 cities. Based on its proprietary software at the core, Donkey Republic offers cities and local partners a fully integrated turn-key solution, including software critical to all stakeholders, bikes, operations, and support services. Donkey Republic taps into megatrends such as sustainability, sharing economy, and urbanisation, and has a vision of making city life better for everyone with affordable and responsible bike-sharing.