Economic growth and the development of new housing and road and rail infrastructure in Nottinghamshire and Cambridgeshire is driving the expansion of the franchise of Drain Doctor, the UK’s premier combined plumbing and drain repair business, which covers Nottingham and Peterborough.

Franchise owners Juan and Yvonne Muntaner said: “We can’t put our finger on one single thing that is creating more business for us. It is a combination of things including more housing and commercial developments bringing people to the region and people building extensions to their homes. In addition, the continued growth of national accounts through head office has brought more high street names and greater brand awareness to the territory.

Sustained growth has meant that Juan and Yvonne have had to add a new technician and another fully-equipped van to his fleet.

Kev Whitehall joined the business in September and brings with him more than 10 years’ experience in the drainage industry. Juan said: “We are delighted to welcome Kev. He has plenty of experience and will help us drive planned growth of around 15 per cent this year. We will then be in position to introduce another van and hire another technician.”

In addition to Kev, Juan has also taken on a part-time drainage technician to improve response times and to assist when there are health and safety concerns that require more than one person to be on site.

Juan splits his time between the Nottingham and Peterborough areas, which he is now actively marketing. The office staff have been joined by Yvonne Bullen who, as well as dealing with accounts, will also be responsible for marketing and developing leads for Juan to follow up.

“Our business has now reached pre-recessionary levels and is continuing to grow, building on sustained growth over the past two years. We now have four full time technicians, each with a fully-equipped van”, said Juan

“With a new technician and Yvonne in the office I can now return to focus on marketing the business, particularly in Peterborough.

“We have been in business for almost 14 years. We follow the proven Drain Doctor systems but there is flexibility there to respond to changes in the local market.”

Launched in the UK in 1993, Drain Doctor Plumbing quickly grew to become the country's largest combined emergency plumbing and drain repair service. Drain Doctor now delivers full-service drainage solutions to national restaurant, hotel, catering and leisure businesses as well as households. It provides a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year service across the country with each franchise run as an independent business.

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Photo caption: Economic growth is driving the expansion of the Nottingham franchise of Drain Doctor

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