Bev maker buys atmospheric water

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A multinational beverage maker will evaluate Drupps System for atmospheric water generation during three months at its facilities which may be the starting point for the atmosphere as a new sustainable water source for the global food industry.

–This confirms that the food and beverage industry is starting to pay serious attention to atmospheric water as a large-scale and sustainable water option now that the Drupps model for efficient water generation is making it economically profitable, says Peter Silfwerbrand, CEO at Drupps.

Drupps will deliver to the beverage maker a mobile demo version of Drupps System with capacity to generate 800 litres of pure distilled water straight from the atmosphere for testing and evaluation with the aim of finding a long term sustainable solution to increasing water shortage difficulties at its producion sites around the world. 

–Our goal is to make atmospheric water generation profitable for the big water users and for that we need scalability, energy efficiency and flexibility to adapt to changing weather, which we now have, says Peter Silfwerbrand.

The global food industry is a big water user globally with production sites spread across all continents and it is increasingly searching for new sustainable water solutions to mitigate rapidly developing water scarcity caused by climate change and its changing rain patterns.

Peter Silfwerbrand, CEO, +46-(0)70-652 35 53,

Drupps is a Swedish water innovation company developing large-scale and cost efficient systems for atmospheric water generation with the aim of reducing use of non-sustainable water sources.





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