Drupps completes directed new issue of shares

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As part of Drupps continued journey to establish a successful business a directed new issue of shares totalling approximately 17.8 MSEK has been completed. In connection with this we also welcome Sandberg Development as a new owner in Drupps.

Drupps have now entered a new phase and is expected to close the first larger commercial businesses in the near term. To enable full focus on securing and delivering these orders a directed new issue of shares, totalling approximately 17.8 MSEK, has been completed. The capital injection will be used to enable sales, to continue to strengthen the organization and for working capital purposes.

Through the directed new issue of shares Drupps has now also received a new larger owner, and we want to especially welcome Sandberg Development into the owner family. 

- It is inspiring to see that both existing and new owners, the same as we, believe in the great potential that Drupps has. I would also like to welcome Sandberg Development as new owners in Drupps. Based on Sanderg Development’s history of being a long term and resilient owner as well as the vast experience in working with innovative companies they will be a valuable contribution to Drupps continued development, says Torgny Hellström, Chairman of the Board at Drupps.

- The investment into Drupps is a part of Sandberg Development’s strategy to broaden our engagement and our knowledge in the water technology field. Drupps patented technology for water recovery has significant potential and an exciting commercial journey ahead. Based on our long experience in the development of sustainable and commercial water innovations/water solutions we want to contribute to Drupps expansion and identify potential synergies with our different businesses, says Stefan Persson, President and CEO of Sandberg Development.

In connection with the directed new issue of shares, all other existing owners of Drupps will be invited to subscribe for shares at corresponding terms and conditions.

For further information please contact

Mikael Nolborg, CEO, +46 708 36 99 00, mikael.nolborg@drupps.com

About Drupps

Drupps is a Swedish water innovation company specialized in recovery of evaporative water and its energy. The company helps processing industries improve water and energy efficiency by capturing and condensing waste steam. Drupps is based in Uppsala and was founded in 2017. For more information, see www.drupps.com

About Sandberg Development

Sandberg Development is a family-owned investment company, with a vision to contribute to growth and social value through active ownership of innovation-driven companies - with focus on Water technology, Quality of life and Safety. Sandberg Development’s holdings include the subsidiaries Aimpoint, GAIM, Granuldisk, and RESCUE Intellitech, as well as minority ownership in SWATAB, Orbital and ISEC Monitoring Systems, and publicly listed Camurus. 2021 the turnover of the group was 1.4 billion SEK. For more information, see www.sandbergdevelopment.se