Drupps sells to Thailand

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A Thai industry group will evaluate Drupps System for large-scale sustainable atmospheric water generation with the goal of recycling its waste energy into pure water to mitigate water scarcity and increase its business.

–This shows that the Drupps model for generation of pure and sustainable water from the atmosphere by using waste thermal energy from industrial processes is commercially attractive, says Peter Silfwerbrand, CEO at Drupps.

A Thai industry group will during three months test a mobile demo version of Drupps System with capacity to produce 800 litres of pure distilled water straight from the atmosphere with the aim of recycling waste heat from other processes to make pure sustainable drinking water.

–Our goal is to recycle as much waste energy from industrial processes as possible to increase availability of clean water from the atmosphere and mitigate water scarcity, says Peter Silfwerbrand.

By increasing access to sustainable and clean atmospheric water pressure on other water sources such as groundwater, rivers and lakes is expected to drop to sustainable levels, helping them rebound faster.

Peter Silfwerbrand, CEO, +46-(0)70-652 35 53, peter.silfwerbrand@drupps.com

Drupps is a Swedish water innovation company developing large-scale and cost efficient systems for atmospheric water generation with the aim of reducing use of non-sustainable water sources.




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