Engages Hydrogen Taxi to Save CO2

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Evaporative water recovery specialists Drupps is the first company to engage Sweden’s sole hydrogen taxi company, Uppsala-based H2CAB, to minimize CO₂ footprints while highlighting hydrogen as energy storage

—Hydrogen and water belong together. When hydrogen is used, evaporative water is generated, and the transformation of evaporative water back to its liquid form is exactly what we at Drupps are world-leading at. So we feel this partnership is just right. Now we wait for commercial hydrogen planes to appear, says Jonas Wamstad, CMO and co-founder at Drupps. 

A hydrogen car works just like a normal car with a combustion engine, but instead of turning fossil fuels into CO₂ hydrogen and oxygen is turned into evaporative water. Hydrogen taxi company H2CAB was started in Uppsala in 2021 and Drupps is its first company customer.

—We are thrilled that Drupps likes what we do and the idea of hydrogen-powered travel. H2CAB is passionate about hydrogen as energy storage and we will expand our fleet as interest for hydrogen continues to grow, says Edward Blomstrand, CEO and founder of H2CAB.

Water company Drupps’ business centers on production of water from the atmosphere or industrial outlets to mitigate water scarcity with the energy bill largely being paid for by steam’s own vaporization energy. The technology could potentially be used in combination with wind or solar power to make water in dry places that is then turned into hydrogen.

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About Drupps

Drupps is a Swedish water innovation company specialized in generating water from the atmosphere and industrial outlets. The company helps processing industries improve water and energy efficiency. Drupps is based in Uppsala, Sweden, and was founded in 2017.