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July 6, 2021                                                

     The board of Duroc AB has decided to invest approximately SEK 16 million in a new energy supply facility in Asota in Linz, Austria. Asota is part of IFG and produces most of the group's highly profitable niche products. The unit is also a center for R&D activities. The payback period is estimated at about 3 years, at the same time as the investment results in that CO2 emissions are estimated to decrease by about 13% compared with the current situation.

     IFG develops synthetic fiber mainly from polypropylene. The fiber is used in the manufacture of, among other things, floors, carpets, furniture, filters, food packaging, car interiors and non-woven fabrics. For a couple of years now, IFG has been undergoing a successful program to reposition its offer to become more niche-oriented and thus more profitable. In this work, Asota plays a crucial role.

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