E1|R1 Photo Award 20/21: The photo competition for Europe's first long-distance routes enters the third round

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Starting signal for submissions: European photo competition calls for pictures along European long-distance routes E1 and R1

The E1IR1 Photo Award for amateur photographers goes into the next round! In the context of the unique photo competition of the Lippe Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (LTM GmbH), amateur photographers from all over Europe are once again called upon to submit their impressions along the long-distance hiking trail E1 and the bicycle trail R1. The goal: To find the most beautiful photographs along the two European long-distance routes. The submission deadline for the E1IR1 Photo Award 20/21 ends on January 31, 2021.

Castelluccio in the clouds

Photo: The winning 19/20 motif "Castelluccio in the clouds" by Stefano Lucchetti shows the Italian town of Castellucio in Abruzzo, which was completely destroyed in an earthquake 2016. (c) Stefano Lucchetti 

Trend towards hiking and cycling strengthened

In recent years, there has been a clear trend towards hiking and cycling vacations in Europe, which is also reflected in the success of the E1|R1 photo competitions. This development has been further reinforced by the Corona pandemic. Many people discover the beauty of nature on their own doorstep and, as far as possible, in the neighbouring country. The conditions are thus in place for once again many great motifs along the two long-distance routes. As in the second edition, the E1|R1 Photo Awards is now once again looking for the most beautiful photographs in the four categories "Culture and Landscape", "Man and Nature", "Heaven and Earth" and "Animals and Nature". The only requirement: the photos must be taken in the immediate vicinity of the European long-distance hiking trail E1 from the North Cape to southern Italy or the European cycling trail R1 from Boulogne sur Mer via London to St. Petersburg.

Spectacular images from many European countries

The first two European long-distance routes invite you to take photographs on their routes through Europe with countless spectacular motifs. At the last edition of the E1|R1 Photo Award, Stefano Lucchetti, Dhanvanth Raman, Manuel Philips and Otello Gironacci captured them most breathtakingly and convinced the expert jury. Overall winner and category winner "Culture and Landscape" Stefano Lucchetti submitted "Castelluccio in the Clouds", a photograph of the Italian town of Castellucio in Abruzzo, which was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 2016. The Belgian Dhanvanth Raman won in the category "Man and Nature" with his work "Alone in the Alps". The German Manuel Philips won in the category "Animal and Nature" with his photo "Reindeer Herd". Otello Gironacci from Italy won in the category "Heaven and Earth" with his b/w work "(On stage of) Pilato's Lake".

More information about the international E1|R1 Photo Award, the categories and conditions of participation at www.e1r1-photoaward.eu


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