European long-distance paths in the focus of professional photographers

Detmold, 24th May 2017

First international E1|R1 photo award in four categories – submissions from 1st December 2017

What do hiking and cycling have to do with professional photography? With the E1|R1 photo award, suddenly a lot more: as the first of its kind, this international competition for professional photographers seeks the most beautiful and powerful photographs in the environment of the European long-distance paths, E1, for hikers, and R1 for cyclists. Professional photographers from within Europe and further afield are welcome to participate. Photo series with at least three and at most four motifs can be submitted. There are four categories to choose from: “Culture and Landscape”, “Man and Nature”, “Sky and Earth” and “Animal and Nature”.

The period for submissions starts on 1st December 2017 and ends on 31st March 2018. The winners in each individual category, the overall winner, as well as the winner of the prize for the promotion of young talent (chosen by the company Olympus) will be selected by a professional jury panel according to artistic-aesthetic aspects. Financial and material prizes with a total value of around 30,000 euros await the winners. Their works, along with those of 50 other nominees, will be presented to the public in an exhibition for the 118thGerman Hiking Day in Detmold in August 2018. More information and the complete entry conditions can be found here:

E1|R1 photo award for professional photographers in four categories

The European long-distance path E1 leads from North Cape to southern Italy, and the European cycling route R1 leads from Boulogne-sur-Mer to London and on to St Petersburg. The E1|R1 photo award is an initiative of the Compentence Center for Hiking WALK, in Detmold, and supported by the German Hiking Association (DWV) as well as the European Ramblers Association (ERA). Its goal is to bring two of the most important long-distance paths to the attention of the many thousands of hikers and cyclists in Europe through the art of photography.

The four categories for professional photographers:

Culture and Landscape. Both paths, E1 and R1, criss-cross – in the truest sense of the word – through European culture and landscapes. Between metropolis and hinterland, architecture and natural monuments, there are countless possibilities for depicting the traces of civilisation in a multi-faceted way.

Man and Nature. The “soul of a country” often finds expression in the figures of its inhabitants. What constitutes the individual peoples in the 18 neighbouring countries along the two paths, and how do they interact with nature? This category is all about capturing expression and personality.

Sky and Earth. Weather phenomena in North Cape, seas of blossoms in the Netherlands, and monumental landscapes in Switzerland are just three of the most obvious motifs that challenge professional photographers along both European long-distance paths – all this and, much more, the unique view of “Sky and Earth” is the object of this category.

Animal and Nature. Whoever walks or cycles through nature comes especially close to flora and fauna. In this category vibrant photographs of observations and encounters with the animals and plants that are native to the nature along the long-distance paths E1 and R1 are requested.


About WALK
The Competence Center for Hiking, WALK stands at the feet of the Hermann, in the middle of the most important hiking region in Germany. Promoted by funding from the European Union’s European Fund for Regional Development as well as from the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy, Industry, Mid-Tier Business and Crafts of Nordrhein-Westfalen, WALK brings together the hiking and cycling activities in the Teutoburg Forest under one roof. The Centre is simultaneously a broadly-conceived project to strengthen the hiking and cycling region with (at present) five certified hiking paths, including the ‘Hermannshöhen’ which is one of the Top Trails of Germany. WALK promotes and supports hiking propositions and ideas in the hiking region. With the international photo competition, it turns its view from the country of Hermann to hiking and cycling across the whole of Europe, and brings the two first European long-distance paths, E1IR1, which connect 18 European countries in total, more prominently into the public consciousness.


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About Us

There is a European long-distance trail for those hiking on foot (E1) as well as for those cycling (R1). They lead through Europe from north to south (E1) and from west to east (R1). They cross over in the Teutoburg forest at Detmold. Now, there is also an international photo contest for amateurs and professional photographers. Set off on one trail or the other this season, and capture the most beautiful subjects and scenes! Submissions are open from 1st December 2017 until the 31st March 2018. The contest was initiated by WALK, the centre of excellence for walking in Detmold. It is backed by the German Hiking Association (DWV) and by the European Ramblers’ Association (EWV).





With this international photo competition, we are directing our focus on to our hiking region, on to the land of the Hermann, on to hiking and cycling throughout Europe, and bringing the two first European long-distance paths more prominently into the public consciousness.
County Commissioner Dr Axel Lehmann