The perfect time for taking fantastic hiking photos

Detmold, October 2017

The conditions of participating in the E1|R1 Photo Award are now online – Submissions are open from the 1st December 2017

Autumn stages nature in a fresh way and once again offers completely different, unique subject matter for photographs. The sun lies deeper in the sky and lets off a softer light. Trees and rocks cast longer shadows and the autumn mists produce breath-taking scenes in the valleys and across the fields. Now is the perfect time for taking fantastic photos out on the trail: the ideal conditions for setting out on a leg of the E1 European Long Distance Path for hikers, or the long-distance cycling trail, the R1 European Bicycle Route, and capturing some photos for the E1|R1 Photo Award. It’s not even two months until ambitious hikers and cyclists will be able to submit their most outstanding and beautiful photos from the trail alongside professional photographers. Exactly how it is going to happen and what professionals or amateurs need to consider when participating in the first international photo contest of its kind can be found in the official conditions for participation which are now available to read on the Award’s website at

Along with the conditions of participation, there is also the schedule for the E1|R1 Photo Award all the way until the awards ceremony, which will take place as part of celebrations for the 118th German Hiking Day in August 2018 in Detmold. Submissions open on the 1st December 2017. All works need to be submitted by 24:00 (CET) on the 31st of March 2018 at the latest. From April 2018, the photos will be viewed by an independent jury of experts who will then publish a shortlist of up to 10 finalists per category in July 2018. 

International photo contest for hobby photographers and professionals

The international photo contest is divided into an award for amateurs and one for professionals. As a minimum, trained professional photographers must submit three or four works in a series to a category. The jury will rate these according to the following criteria: concept, innovative artistic approach and image composition. The overall winner of the professional award will receive a prize to the value of 12,000 Euros, while the winner of each category will receive 3,500 Euros each. The overall winner will be selected from the winners of each individual category.  

The complete conditions of participating in the E1|R1 Photo Award for professional photographers are available here

Ambitious hobby photographers can submit their photos for the amateur award. From December, every participant can upload one up to a maximum of ten photos to the amateur award across four different categories. Apart from that, the same stipulations apply to the amateurs as do to the professionals. Only photos that have been taken no further than ten kilometres off either side of either European long-distance trail may be submitted. The ultimate goal of the international contest is to show photographically inspiring subject matter in the immediate surroundings of the E1 and R1 trails. Only works submitted digitally will be accepted for both of the independently operating awards.

The complete conditions of participating in the E1|R1 Photo Award for hobby photographers are available here

Two photo awards divided into four categories each

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, the same four categories apply for both contests:

Culture and Landscape. Both the E1 and R1 trails lead the length and breadth of European culture and landscape, in the most literal sense of the words. Countless opportunities to capture the tracks of civilisation arise in diverse ways between building developments and countryside, architecture and natural monuments.

Man and Nature. The “soul of a country” often finds expression in the beings that inhabit it. What distinguishes the specific people in the over 18 countries, through which both long distant trails lead, from each other? This category is all about capturing expressions and personality.

Sky and Earth. Weather phenomenons at the North Cape, seas of flowers in the Netherlands and monumental landscapes in Switzerland are just three of the most obvious choices of subject matter along both European long-distance trails that tempts professional photographers – all of that and much more, a unique take on “Sky and Earth” is the subject of this category. 

Animals and Nature. Anyone that wanders through nature by foot or on a bike, comes particularly close to flora and fauna. This category is looking for lively snapshots of observations and encounters with animals and plants that are indigenous to the areas along the E1 and R1 long-distance tracks. 


About the E1|R1 Photo Award
The European long-distance hiking trail, the E1, and the European Bicycle Route, the R1, only intersect once. This intersection is found in the Teutoburg Forest and is both the trigger for the international E1|R1 Photo Award as well as from where the award drew its name – initiated by the Competence Center for Hiking, WALK, in Detmold, and backed by the German Hiking Association (DWV) as well as the European Ramblers’ Association (EWV).

The first international photo contest calls for both hobby and professional photographers to partake in separate competitions, submitting the most beautiful and spectacular photographs taken in the direct surroundings of both trails. A total prize pool of approximately 50,000 Euros is up for grabs, which will be awarded by an independent Jury in the context of celebrations for the 118th German National Hiking Day in 2018 in Detmold.
The submission period for the photo contest will start on the 1st of December 2017 and will end on the 31st of March 2018. Photo enthusiasts and professional photographers can submit their photos in four categories: Culture and Landscape, Man and Nature, Sky and Earth as well as Animals and Nature. Professional photographers must submit a series of between 3 and 4 scenes while a single scene will suffice when submitting for the amateur award. You can find more information about the international E1|R1 photo award, the categories and the conditions of participation at


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With this international photo competition, we are directing our focus on to our hiking region, on to the land of the Hermann, on to hiking and cycling throughout Europe, and bringing the two first European long-distance paths more prominently into the public consciousness.
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