e2 Home signs co-operation agreement with Telia

e2 Home signs co-operation agreement with Telia e2 Home - a joint venture between Electrolux and Ericsson - has signed a co-operation agreement with the e-business company within the Telia group. As a result, the Telia company will be able to offer its customers e2 Home's products. Under the agreement e2 Home will supply Telia with concepts and solutions for intelligent services within the home. The parties also plan to launch a number of joint development projects on the Swedish market. "We have chosen to co-operate with e2 Home because it is a company at the leading edge of technology with its development of intelligent services for the home," says the Telia company's managing director, Karin Moberg. "We have been particularly impressed by e2 Home's strong emphasis on security within the home. A number of services that e2 Home offers - for example, alarm and safety systems - require an extremely high standard of security from the user's point of view." Under the agreement, the Telia company and e2 Home will jointly develop services and products for both new housebuilding projects and existing homes. The Telia company will market services for the home to property developers, building companies and others. The parties also plan joint development of new applications with specially-adapted system designs for the home environment. With the help of e2 Home's products, Telia will enhance its long-term customer relations. Regardless of where they are, consumers will be able to access a wide range of simple and secure services. These include food, shopping and communications, the control of household appliances and systems, and links to local and global information integrated with entertainment and other activities. "By making this first agreement in Sweden with Telia - the biggest player in both IT and mobile telecommunications - we can start quickly on an intensive joint exchange of knowledge," says Per Grunewald, managing director of e2 Home. "Our goal is to continue as the world leader in the provision of high-quality innovative services for the intelligent home." For further information please contact: Lena Jörgenson, press relations manager, e2 Home Tel: 08-685 26 17. Mobile: 070-307 13 02 Jacqueline Oker-Blom, marketing operations manager, e2 Home Tel: 08-685 22 67, Mobile: 070-218 02 26 Anders Zellman, press relations manager, Telia e-business company Tel: 08-713 10 00. Mobile: 0703-29 56 77 Anders Gothefors, business strategy director, Telia e-business company Mobile: 070-573 22 78 Telia provides Internet facilities for the home and for small companies, including network, content and communications services. Telia is also developing a user-friendly and secure portal with various services related to entertainment and other activities and to various everyday functions. e2 Home's role is to play a leading role in the market for the intelligent home. e2 Home is developing services which customers can access wherever they happen to be. By offering a complete range of cost-effective services and communications at the leading edge of technology, e2 Home will provide added value for operators, service providers and major players in the building and property sectors. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/21/20001121BIT01280/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/21/20001121BIT01280/bit0002.pdf