Notification of major holdings of own shares

East Capital Explorer AB’s (publ) total holding of its own shares per 23 June 2016 amounts to 1,438,627 shares, whereof 315,229 shares are, in accordance with a decision by the AGM on 9 June 2016, under cancellation and are expected to be cancelled within short. The Company’s holding of own shares thereby corresponds to 5.05 percent of the total number of outstanding shares and votes in the Company.

The total number of outstanding shares, including repurchased shares and shares that are under cancellation, amounts to 28,476,792.  

Contact information

Mia Jurke, CEO, East Capital Explorer, +46 8 505 885 32

Lena Krauss, CFO and Head of Investor Relations, East Capital Explorer, +46 73 988 44 66

About East Capital Explorer 

East Capital Explorer AB (publ) is a Swedish investment company, offering unique investment opportunities in Eastern Europe, where the Baltic countries represent the company’s largest investment region. The company primarily invests in unlisted assets within the private equity and real estate segments. East Capital Explorer’s main investment theme is domestic growth and the company targets fast growing sectors such as Retail and Consumer goods, Financials and Real Estate. East Capital Explorer is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap.

Listing: Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap - Ticker: ECEX - ISIN: SE0002158568 -
Reuters: ECEX.ST - Bloomberg: ECEX SS Equity

This information is disclosed in accordance with the Securities Markets Act, the Financial Instruments Trading Act and demands made in the exchange rules. It was released for publication at 18:00 CET on 27 June 2016.