About Us

eBusiness Institute is a leading digital specialist working in partnership with major global brands to accelerate their growth in the world of digital commerce. We are part of the Lingaro Group, a data and analytics specialist. This powerful union ensures that we maintain our future-readiness, helping brands to transform more effectively with the intelligent use of data to help drive their future business strategies. --- We create movement --- In a world moving faster than ever, we help you keep up. We combine strategy and creativity, a fusion of left and right-brain thinking, bringing brands to life, connecting touchpoints and energising consumer experiences. We spark perpetual motion across the consumer journey. Our unique holistic approach is a fusion of our three core practices, allowing us to forge end-to-end solutions to ensure clients succeed in a fragmented retail ecosystem. --- Consulting Practice ---We move business. We help you identify the right opportunities for your business, define a winning omnichannel strategy and enable you to implement it in order to maximise growth. --- Capability Building ---We move people. We help to upskill all layers of your organisation, enabling people to perform with agility and ingenuity, keeping pace with the speed of change. --- Creative Agency ---We move brands. We develop content and experiences that ignite movement across the consumer journey, convert sales and deliver a connected brand experience at every stage. >>> We create integrated solutions to connect consumer experiences, helping brands to thrive in today’s world and stay future-ready. <<<