Ecohelix WOODMER® helping to get most out of moss

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Ecohelix is partnering with Boreal Orchards and RISE Prosessum AB in a collaboration project to test, how Ecohelix WOODMER® biopolymer helps to maximise moss establishment in infrastructure applications. Moss can be used to restore areas affected by industry, road construction and mining. Ecohelix’s biopolymer is currently used in many fields, and several verification projects are underway. Using the binder in moss production is, however, something completely new.

The Umeå Biotech Incubator-backed ‘Shades of Green’ project, developed by Boreal Orchards, has created a moss that can be used on buildings, infrastructure and for the regeneration of nature. Now founder Daniel Pacurar is collaborating on a new development project with RISE Processum AB and Ecohelix to maximize moss establishment with the help of by-products from the paper pulp industry.

“We are always interested in projects that verify the possible use of our polymers. This is a bit ‘outside the box’ and feels fun to be a part of. I may not be that familiar with moss, but I do think there is a good chance Ecohelix WOODMER® polymer will have a positive impact”, says Petri Oinonen, CEO of Ecohelix.

Using by-products from the pulp industry perfectly reflects Boreal Orchard’s core values of circularity and commitment to minimizing its use of resources. “This project is a great opportunity for us to see if the biopolymers can be applied in our production process, and if it all works on a slightly larger scale”, says Daniel Pacurar from Boreal Orchards.

The project, which is being conducted at RISE in Örnsköldsvik, is set to run until the end of August. RISE and Ecohelix are also excited about the outcome, which could create a new use for paper pulp industry by-products.

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Ecohelix is a biotechnology and engineering company. Our technology utilizes natural process of wood formation, harnessing the enzymatic process to create high performing polymers. Ecohelix biopolymers can replace oil and food-based components in packaging, construction and textile industry products creating highly sustainable, emission reducing products. Ecohelix is co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. Company has also received funding from the Bio Based Industries (BBI) Joint Undertaking (JU) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837866.