European High Growth Opportunities Securitization Fund has requested its first conversion of notes

In accordance with the financial agreement announced by EcoRub through the press release of October 8th, 2018 EHGOSF has requested conversion of two notes.

The first tranche was for 5 million SEK and divided into fifty notes. Two of these notes will now be converted into shares. The value of these notes are 200 000 SEK. The conversion price for the first trance is 95 % of the lowest closing VWAP of the shares during a period of fifteen trading days before the day of decision which was yesterday. The price of the shares that will be converted is 0,28 SEK.

200 000 SEK corresponds to 714 285 shares. This will increase the shares from 66 195 623 to 66 909 908 shares and a dilution with1,08 percent.

This information is such that EcoRub AB is required to make public in accordance with the EU’s market abuse regulation (MAR) and the Swedish Securities Market Act. The information was made available public by the Company’s contact person on November 8, 2018

Åke Paulsson

Vd / CEO 

+46 70 66 34 174

EcoRub AB (publ):
EcoRub is a cleantech company. The company has a hybrid material TPRR - ThermoPlastic  Recycled Rubber- which is patented.  We mix thermoplast, rubber powder, copolymera and sometimes organic fibres as wood dust or straw to make a new material  - ecological rubber - with unique performance. The properties are amoung other excellent weatherability, stress performance and the material can easily be recycled.  The material is used for incjection moulding with equipment used in plastics industry. We can also process the material to sheets and mats.


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