Edgeware has published the Annual Report 2016

Edgeware has today published its Annual Report 2016 on the company’s website https://corporate.edgeware.tv/en/financial-reports/. The Report is available in Swedish and English.

Contact:                              Gunilla Wikman, Investor Relations Manager

                                            Tel: +46707638125, E-mail: gunilla.wikman@edgeware.tv 

About Edgeware

Edgeware offers leading operators and content owners the tools to deliver modern TV services on a huge scale and at a low cost. Edgeware’s unique technology gives control and insight back to the content provider as well as an outstanding viewing experience. In recent years Edgeware has experienced rapid growth, reaching sales of SEK 252 million in 2016.

Edgeware is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has a subsidiary in the US and offices in Hong Kong and Mexico. Edgeware also has sales and technical sales support staff in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

For more information, visit https://corporate.edgeware.tv