Energy Press Briefing – 14th November 2012

Onyx Media and Communications are hosting an essential energy press briefing tomorrow morning in One Queen Anne’s Gate (details below).  Security at the venue will not allow you to gain access unless your name is on the invitation list.  

Two of the UK’s leading independent energy experts have set an hour aside to answer your questions over breakfast. This press briefing is essential for any journalist reporting on  energy or related issues. It will correct very common, much repeated, misunderstandings and answer questions such as:    

    •    What’s the real reason energy prices have increased?

    •    Why are businesses not complaining?

    •    What’s the impact of historic government policy on prices to consumers?

    •    What simple change would make the industry more competitive?  (And would bring it into line with the mobile and insurance industries)

Experts available (please advise if you want a private interview)

    •    Richard Street - has been a key figure in most of the significant gas industry change projects over the last decade. He has worked for Statoil, National Grid Transco and British Gas and is currently the Regulatory Affairs Manager at Corona Energy. Richard is known for his open and honest approach.

    •    Guy Thompson – a respected energy expert and one of the few professionals in the UK who’s worked for a gas supply business, an electricity supply business, an investment bank and leading consultancy businesses.  Guy is Director of MyUtilityGenius.
Date and time:  14th November.  8am for breakfast.  Briefing begins at 8:30am.  There will be at least half an hour for questions.  Please let us know if you would like a private interview.

Venue:   One Queen Anne’s Gate

To be included on the list please RSVP to: