EdmoLift announces new digital concept

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As a direct consequence of the corona-pandemic around the globe, EdmoLift take action to become more digitally interactive by launching their new “How to with EdmoLift” short film concept.

“This is truly an amazing opportunity for us to get invaluable insight into our customers’ needs, to drive interactions and provide our customers with hands-on knowledge and instructions regarding our smart lifting solutions,” says Alfred Johansson, Social Media & Online content manager.

Strategic implementation

The initiative is part of EdmoLift’s strategy of activating the market and being a spark plug that drives business in the direct and indirect industrial sectors.

“Since the world is kind of upside-down right now, we had to make adjustments in our game plan for 2020. In the short-term the focus is of course to explore alternatives that makes up for our lost activities. EdmoLift is an active company that participates and exhibits at trade fairs all around Europe, and sometimes outside of Europe as well. Many of our business contacts are obtained from meeting people in person. But new times calls for new solutions, and we have confidence in our ability to adapt to the situation and find new ways of moving forward,” says Anders Wahlqvist, CEO of EdmoLift Group.

In the long-term, the goal is to make the consumer journey as easy and smooth as possible.

“Whenever people around the world are looking for something that relates to us, our products, our services or maintenance, to name a few areas, we want it to first and foremost be available to them. But it is at least equally important that the material is intuitive. Furthermore, if we can make the material interactive and engaging, it will be a game changer in our industry” concludes Alfred Johansson.

The initiative is just the first of many new exciting ways of working that EdmoLift will be introducing during 2020!