Resolution from extraordinary general meeting

RESOLUTION FROM EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING Effnet Group AB has unanimously passed a resolution at an extraordinary general meeting held on 29 November 2000, regarding the following. The meeting has elected Scott Macomber and Magnus Ryde as new members of the board. In addition, a global options scheme has been adopted for employees within the Group. The launch of a competitive international options scheme will improve the company's opportunities to recruit and retain skilled personnel. The proposed options scheme will provide greater flexibility and similarity between the various countries. The options scheme enables current and future employees of the Group, as well as the new members of the board elected at the meeting, Scott Macomber and Magnus Ryde, to obtain options (known as personnel options) that entitle the holder to acquire shares in the company over a period of several years. No premium will be paid for the options. The strike price on exercising the options should in substance correspond to the market value of the company's share price at the time of issue. The right to acquire shares will always be exercised no sooner than one year and no later than five years after the date of issue of the options. Non-vested options held by an employee are cancelled if the employee ceases to work for the company. The same applies to options held by external members of the board if the assignment as board member comes to an end. The options scheme shall encompass 1,900,000 purchase options. To ensure that Effnet can supply shares when the options are exercised, and to cover any social security contributions or corresponding taxes, the board has been empowered to pass a resolution to issue of promissory notes connected to a maximum total of 2,100,000 detachable warrants, which corresponds to a dilution effect of 3.7 per cent of the share capital. In connection with the approval of this new program, the board intends to withdraw approximately 1.4 million warrants issued in connection with an earlier options scheme. The total dilution effect of all of Effnet's option schemes, including the one just approved, would then amount to approximately 10.3 percent. About Effnet Effnet innovates and licenses award-winning key core technologies that resolve data speed and security challenges in Internet Protocol Networking and IT Security. Effnet’s modular IP packet processing technology -- the EffnetEdge Toolkit -- as well as its complete firewall and router technology for hardware manufacturers, enable optimized performance. The company’s data encryption and copy protection technologies, and security audit services for public and private sector companies, are offered by the wholly owned subsidiary, Wkit. With more than 75 employees, the company operates in Stockholm, Luleå and Håverud, Sweden, and in Silicon Valley, California. Effnet Group AB is listed on the "Nya Marknaden" (New Market). Read more about Effnet at Read more about Wkit at For further information, please contact: Norman Rasmussen Chairman of the Board Tel: +1 617 699 8417 Email: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: