Changes to the Board of Directors of Egidaco Investments PLC

The Board of Directors of Egidaco has changed due to the recent changes in its shareholding structure. 

Egidaco Investments PLC (“Tinkoff”), the parent company of ‘Tinkoff Credit Systems’ Bank (TCS Bank), announced that the following changes have been made to the Board of Directors:

Ms Nasia Vryonidou was appointed as a director. 

Mr Denis Tafintsev was appointed as a director (as a representative of Horizon Capital).

The other members of the Board of Directors remain in their capacities.

After those appointments the Board of Directors consists of 9 members: Constantinos Economides, Alexis Ioannides, Mary Trimithiotou, Laoura Michael, Nasia Vryonidou, Julian Salisbury, Per Brilioth, Michael Calvey and Denis Tafintsev.

Egidaco Investments PLC ( is the sole shareholder of the Russian bank “Tinkoff Credit Systems”.