Elcowire introduces Low-carbon Copper

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Elcowire is introducing Low-carbon Copper in parts of production carried out at the plants in Helsingborg, Sweden, and in Hettstedt, Germany. The new copper quality marks significant progress towards reducing the CO2 footprint. The resulting CO2 emissions are less than half of the global average (4.1 kg CO2/kg copper) quoted by the International Copper Association (ICA). The product comes from Boliden’s mines in northern Sweden and Finland and is the result of a substantial transformation due to electrification of various stages in the mining process. The new Low-carbon Copper has also been made possible by a very efficient ore concentration process and a world-class green energy mix.

Together with our suppliers, Elcowire wants to set an example for the mining and metals industry to produce minerals with a low impact on nature and the climate.

“The way we work together to strive for new solutions is placing us on a path to contribute to the long-term improvement of our world. Low-carbon Copper is an excellent example of that,” says Paul Gustavsson, CEO of Elcowire.

The carbon footprint has been calculated in accordance with the GHG Protocol Product Standard and ISO 14064-3, with support from Sphera. It has also been verified to comply with the GHG Protocol and reviewed according to the principles of ISO 14064-3 by a third party, Intertek.

For more information contact:
Paul Gustavsson,

CEO Elcowire
Phone +46(0)725 5522 900

Printed information: https://elcowire.com/publications/

About Elcowire
We are one of the leading suppliers in Europe, developing products and services based on copper and aluminum wire rod for the electrical and infrastructure industry. Operations are located in Sweden, Germany and China. Elcowire consists of four business units: Rod, Rail, High Voltage and Specials.
We employ 200 people and our headquarters are located in Helsingborg, Sweden.

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