Element Mobile Announces New Cellular Site in Northwestern Wood County

Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.— (Jan. 25, 2013) –Element Mobile customers in Wood County will experience improved service due to the addition of a new cellular site southwest of Marshfield located in the community of Nasonville, Lincoln Township.

John Steele, director of engineering and network operations at Element Mobile, said the new tower will increase data and network speed and maximize coverage for those wireless users in the communities of Nasonville and Marshfield.  

“The new tower will enhance wireless experience in northwestern Wood County, directly impacting Nasonville Elementary School in Marshfield’s school district,” Steele said. “The site will also provide additional safety and communication needs for the school district and expanding base of wireless customers.”

The new site expands coverage to the south and west of Marshfield along Highway 10 and County Road BB. The new tower will specifically provide improved coverage along Highway 10, as well as the townships of Lincoln and Rock.

This is the second new tower Element Mobile placed in service for 2013. Element Mobile will continue to expand coverage within Central Wisconsin throughout the year. 


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Element Mobile, a wireless carrier headquartered in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, offers a wide range of products including Android™ and BlackBerry®, and services including Mobile 101, eCluband instant rebates. The company is proud to deliver customized plans, affordable prices and local customer service to Central Wisconsin. To learn more about Element Mobile, visit http://www.elementmobile.com, or http://www.facebook.com/ElementMobile.

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