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  • The fast-growing electric and hybrid vehicle market: Elkem participates at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2019

The fast-growing electric and hybrid vehicle market: Elkem participates at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2019

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6 May 2019: With the rapid development in electrification of the transport sector and the increasing need for energy storage systems, the demand of batteries is surging. Elkem is a leading materials company and will show off our solutions for batteries and other components for electric and hybrid vehicles at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart 2019, 7-9 May.

The Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe provides an opportunity to source the latest manufacturing solutions along the H/EV supply chain including electrical powertrains and components, battery management systems, materials and equipment. All four Elkem business divisions will participate at the EV event in Stuttgart (booth no. 750) and will showcase our specialised solutions.

Elkem’s materials and technology provide key elements for the EV revolution. Products from Elkem improve EV batteries by providing insulation, seals and adhesives, and Elkem’s products can be found in electrical cables, electrical steel, glue & seals. Another application from our technology is found in braking systems, suspension and damping systems. Elkem is also developing green and sustainable active anode material solutions for EV battery cells.

- The forecast for 2030 assumes that anything between 22% to 30% of the new sale of light vehicles will be electric. This expanding growth is a great opportunity across Elkem’s divisions and I am really pleased that we can showcase the different applications and solutions at this major expo, says CEO Helge Aasen.

As a world-leading producer of silicon, silicones and carbon-based materials, we are constantly innovating to find new and better technical solutions. Elkem is uniquely positioned to supply solutions to the battery industry and the EV market as we have a long history of providing materials and technology to the automotive industry, with an increasing focus on EVs. Elkem’s materials of today will power the green mobility of tomorrow.

For more information about our EV battery solution project, please see: https://www.elkem.com/innovation/research-projects/battery-solutions/

For more information:

For visitors of the event, please contact Caroline Boisseranc, Event manager, tel: +33 06 85 82 20 67, e-mail: caroline.boisseranc@elkem.com

For corporate communication and quotes, please contact Marit Flinder Roscher-Nielsen, Corporate communication manager, tel: 99 38 92 49, e-mail: marit.flinder@elkem.com 

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