Elos Medtech Nomination Committee appointed ahead of Annual General Meeting 2018

In accordance with resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting in 2017, the Elos Medtech Nomination Committee shall comprise no fewer than four and no more than six members, of whom one is to be the Chairman of the Board. The members are to be appointed by those shareholders who, at the end of the month of August, are the largest shareholders in terms of voting rights in the company, as well as by the party who addition to the aforementioned is the largest shareholder.

When appointing the Nomination Committee, the rules of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code) are to be observed, which entail, inter alia, that no member of company management may be a member of the Nomination Committee, that Board members are not to constitute a majority of the Committee and that no more than one constituent Board member of the Committee may be dependent in relation to any of the company’s major shareholders. 

In accordance with resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting in 2017, the following members of the Nomination Committee of Elos Medtech AB have been appointed: 

-       Thomas Öster, appointed by the Öster family 

-       Ulf Runmarker, appointed by the Runmarker family 

-       Bo Nilsson, appointed by the Nilsson family 

-       Bengt Belfrage, appointed by Nordea Fonder


The Nomination Committee’s chairman is Bengt Belfrage, appointed by the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee jointly represents approximately 67% of the voting rights for all vote-carrying shares in the company. 

The Annual General Meeting of Elos Medtech AB will be held on Tuesday, 24 April 2018 

The Nomination Committee is to submit proposals regarding the following issues for approval by the 2018 Annual General Meeting: 

-       Election of Chairman of the Meeting 

-       Number of Board Directors 

-       Fees for the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board and remuneration for committee work 

-       Election of Directors of the Board and Chairman of the Board 

-       Fees for the auditors

-       Election of auditors 

-       Tasks and principles for the Nomination Committee 

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Elos Medtech Nomination Committee, may e-mail valberedning@elosmedtech.com under the heading “to the Nomination Committee” or send a letter by post to Elos Medtech AB, Nellickevägen 22, SE-412 63 Göteborg, marked “to the Nomination Committee”, no later than 12 January 2018. 

Göteborg, 10 October 2017 

Elos Medtech AB (publ) 

For further information, please contact: Bengt Belfrage, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, telephone +46 (0)705 16 32 45, E-mail bengt@belfrage.se

For further information about Elos Medtech Group, visit www.elosmedtech.com 

This is information that is such information that Elos Medtech AB (publ) is obliged to published in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Swedish Securities Market Act. The information was issued for publication by the contact persons stated above on 10 October 2017,

at 16:00 (CET).


About Us

Elos Medtech is one of the leading development and production partners for medical technology products and components, such as dental and orthopaedic implants and instruments. The operations are conducted at facilities in Sweden, Denmark, China and USA. Customers are mainly internationally active medical technology companies in the market segments Dental , Orthopedics and Life Science. Elos Medtech employs more than 550 people worldwide and generates revenue that exceeds MSEK 600. Elos Medtech has been traded on NASDAQ Stockholm AB since 1989. The Elos Medtech B share is classified as a Health Care company on the Small Cap list.