The financial calendar for 2017 is revised as follows:

Report Date
FY2016 audited annual financial report 06.12.2017
1HFY2017 financial report (unaudited) 08.12.2017
2HFY2017 financial report (unaudited) 22.12.2017
FY2017 audited financial report To be Advised

The release of unaudited 1HFY2017 and 2HFY017 financial reports is delayed from 30 November 2017 is mainly to facilitate the comparison of results and performance with FY2016 audited annual financial report which is slated for release on 6th December 2017 as well as requiring more time to prepare the reports. The date of release of FY2017 audited financial report will be provided by way of an update in due course, following further clarifications in light of the ongoing restructuring efforts of EMAS Offshore Limited (the “Company”) and certain of its subsidiaries.

The Board of Directors of the Company has with effect for FY2018 resolved to discontinue quarterly interim reporting, and will accordingly only provide (unaudited) semi-annual (H1) financial reports and audited annual (FY) financial reports going forward.

This announcement is subject to disclosure in accordance with section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act and section 4.6 of the Continuing Obligations.

By Order of the Board

Lee Kian Soo


30 November 2017


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