Telefónica Móviles launch Alonso Racing 2005 using Terraplay

Stockholm, May 4, 2005 Telefónica Móviles launch a multiplayer sequel to one of the most successful mobile games in Europe – Alonso Racing 2005 - using Terraplay MOVE

Telefónica Móviles is expanding their successful Terraplay multiplayer enabled gaming service with the exciting addition of Fernando Alonso racing. Alonso Racing from Gaelco Móviles was one of the worlds most successful mobile titles released in 2004 by Spanish developer Gaelco Móviles, The new game release, Alonso Racing 2005, allows players to compete head-to-head in real time on authentic Formula 1 circuits under exciting and demanding conditions. Alonso Racing 2005 is available in emoción, the movistar content service, in emoción>>Videojuegos>>Alonso Racing 2005 (i-mode) and emoción>>Videojuegos>>Motor>>Alonso Racing 2005 (WAP). “We are really excited about this new launch. Fernando Alonso Racing is such a well-known brand from both within the industry and from an end-user perspective. If you couple the success of the original Fernando Alonso with exciting real-time racing and then look at the fantastic results from the start of the F1 season for Fernando himself, we are definitely looking at an exciting product launch”, says Stephen Morris, Mobile Content Manager at Terraplay. “By launching Alonso Racing 2005 we are now giving the fans of this fantastic successful game a new fresh option to compete head-to-head in real-time over our network. This new version is a warmly awaited addition to our service”, says Alicia Giemeno Martinez, head of games at Telefónica Móviles “It’s been really great to work with Terraplay’s solution that provided us with the ability to add multiplayer functionality to the game. We strongly believe that this new option will give the gamers extra excitement and will certainly contribute to a new success. As you look at the markets evolution, it is becoming increasingly important to show, as a developer, your capability to take gaming to the next step. Using Terraplay’s developer friendly SDK and relying on their unsurpassed level of support and experience in the market has resulted in this fantastic multiplayer solution”, says Carlos Granados at Gaelco Móviles.

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