Enea Enjoys Multicore Success

Continues Momentum with Strategic Collaboration with Key Semiconductor Partners 

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 28 April, 2010 - Enea has over the past days announced several highlights in its bid to simplify the transition to multicore processing for companies building next generation communication equipment.  These recent achievements span new products, alliances and design wins and reflect Enea's core commitment to focus on the success of its customers.  In addition, Enea earlier this week announced specific initiatives with Freescale and Netlogic Microsystems that will strengthen the company's multicore market position and ensure continued momentum and success.

"The market landscape has changed substantially over the past year," said Per Åkerberg, president and CEO of Enea. "Industry consolidation has opened new opportunities for Enea to strengthen alliances with a number of leading suppliers of multicore processors.  This is an exciting time at Enea as we extend our leadership position by deepening our relationships with Freescale and Netlogic."

This week's announcements include:

  • Enea will expand it strategic relationship with Freescale as the go to RTOS and multicore software platform for network communications.  Enea will optimize its multicore software for the Freescale processors targeting communications including the QorIQ, PowerQUICC and Starcore DSPs with the intent to have support available at first production silicon.



  • Enea OSE®ck (www.enea.com/oseck), Enea® Optima and Enea® LINX support for the New Freescale MSC825x DSP Family.  This comprehensive software solution will support all aspects of the MSC825x family's hardware optimizations - ensuring that developers achieve maximum performance all with Enea ease of use.


  • An expanded strategic relationship with Netlogic Microsystems that features Enea OSE Multicore Edition support, as Enea built and delivered Linux development environment based on the Enea Linux Project Framework (ELPF) for the NetLogic Microsystems Linux-based SDK.  All Enea offerings will be available across the NetLogic Microsystems' XLP(TM), XLR® and XLS® multi-core, multi-threaded processor families.


  • In addition, Enea will join Netlogic Microsystem's eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance.   

Although Enea has long been involved in delivering multicore and multiprocessing solutions to the communications market, the latest phase of its strategy to transform the way multicore is adopted and assimilated into embedded system designs began with the fall 2009 release of Enea OSE Multicore Edition realtime operating system (RTOS).  Enea OSE Multicore Edition won best of show at the Embedded Systems Conference, Boston as the most innovative product released - sending a clear message that Enea was setting its sights on innovation which would meet the market's technical requirements but would also have a positive impact on its customers' business goals including time to market, profitability and flexibility.  In 2010, Enea followed up with the release of Enea Hypervisor, a software layer which allows Enea OSE and Linux to coexist on multicore processors.  Along with several multicore enhancements to the Enea Optima tool set and Enea OSEck, the company's DSP optimized RTOS, these four products represent the core of Enea's multicore software offering which is complemented with a range of software solutions including protocols, database management systems and middleware.

Semiconductor alliances represent an important front in the struggle to make multicore programming and design more accessible to communications equipment manufacturers.  In addition to the announcements made by Enea today, the company also supports the latest multicore processors from leading vendors including ARM, Cavium, LSI and many others.  Enea is committed to forging deep partnerships with hardware vendors to produce truly integrated platforms which provide an out of the box experience that spurs innovative applications and rapid deployment.  Teaming with its partners to ensure the success of joint customers has always been an Enea core value.           

Customer adoption and success is the true measure of the value of innovation.  Enea's most recent signature multicore design win involves a Japan-based tier 1 supplier of communications infrastructure equipment.  The customer will use Enea's products to develop nodes of a distribution network for High Definition TV. Enea OSE Multicore Edition, Enea Optima tools, and a package of related services were chosen based on their ability to effectively manage multicore processing and the programming architecture's inherent suitability for distributed environments.  The customer estimates that its selection of Enea will result in critical time to market savings.

Looking to the future, Enea remains committed to the transforming the way multicore technology is adopted, used and deployed.  Developing new innovative products, strengthen exiting relationships, building new strategic alliances and ensuring customer success will the route to extending Enea's leadership position in the market. 

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