Klocwork Delivers Source Code Analysis Solution for the Avionics Software Development Market

Partnership with Enea provides best of breed software and services solution to DO-178B avionics market

Klocwork, Inc., the proven leader in automated source code analysis solutions for improving software security and quality, and Enea®, a world leading provider of mission critical software and services, today announced a partnership to deliver enhanced value to avionics software customers who need to comply with DO-178B. Together, the companies deliver a joint technology and services solution that will reduce customers' development costs while streamlining their FAA certification activities.   

Produced by the RTCA, Inc., DO-178B defines the guidelines for development of aviation software.  The FAA requires software being developed for commercial airborne systems, and the development tools used on these projects, to follow the DO-178B guidance.  Source code analysis tools are considered to be Verification Tools, and therefore require each project to qualify the tool during the project's certification process.  Klocwork Insight's advanced source code analysis capabilities combined with Enea's DO-178B expertise allows avionics customers to achieve credit for numerous objectives of DO-178B certification, particularly several Software Verification and Software Lifecycle Data objectives.  Additionally, Klocwork has developed a qualification kit and documentation to streamline the qualification process for DO-178B customers. 

Klocwork Insight is an industry-leading source code analysis tool that is used by mission critical software development teams worldwide.  With the growth in complexity of avionics software, customers require advanced development tools such as Klocwork Insight to automate formerly manual processes such as source code verification and inspection.  Since 1968, Enea has been a leader in the development of safety-critical systems for the defense and aerospace industries.  Leveraging its mastery of electronic systems, software, processes and tools, Enea has helped equipment makers around the world reduce the risk, cost and time associated with developing high-quality, ultra-reliable, safety-critical systems. 

"Aviation software faces increased software complexity combined with stringent guidelines related to DO-178B," said Connie Beane, director of certification and safety critical processes, Enea.  "We see a growing need from our customers for advanced tools that can also meet the qualification criteria set out by DO-178B.  Enea's services expertise in this area combined with the capabilities of Klocwork Insight provides customers with a complete DO-178B solution - a proven software verification tool and the services expertise to back it up." 

"Klocwork is experiencing exponential growth in the mission critical software sector and our solution for avionics development will only extend our leadership in this market," said Gwyn Fisher, chief technology officer, Klocwork.  "The partnership with Enea allows us to combine their expertise in DO-178B certification with our strength in automated source code analysis technology.  The goal is to ensure that customers can get the productivity benefits of Klocwork while successfully achieving their tool qualification goals." 

Klocwork Insight is a leading static source code analysis tool for C, C++, C# and Java, and the only solution with a Connected Desktop Analysis capability that enables developers to run the analysis with full system context right at their desktop, before they check-in their code. 

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