Enea invests in Web-based solutions for the property and construction industry - signs letter of intent with Master Cons

Enea invests in Web-based solutions for the property and construction industry - signs letter of intent with Master Consulting AB. Enea Business Software has entered into a strategic partnership with Master Consulting AB in Malmö, Sweden, an innovative supplier to the Swedish construction and property industry. The objective is for the companies to jointly supply and develop Web-based services and components for broadband technology. The Swedish construction and property industry is currently in an expansive phase. The new broadband technology is giving more and more property companies the opportunity to supply, for example, new information services through Web-based channels. At the same time, the Swedish construction industry has discovered the potential for communication with various distributors and suppliers using the same technology. Suppliers in the industry are experiencing great technological changes, which benefits both Enea Business Software and Master Consulting. The two companies are now building a joint base to allow them to supply competence, services and components to help property and construction companies move over to Web-based solutions. "Their understanding of the property and construction industry, combined with their technical expertise, means that Master Consulting fits well into our investment in customised information systems," says Michael Öberg, deputy MD at Enea Business Software. IT company Master Consulting AB in Malmö is a successful supplier of services such as Web-based business services for property companies. Using its system for incorporating property companies' existing business systems with the Web, in co-operation with existing suppliers, internal efficiency gains are made whilst customer relations are improved. For example, a notification of a defect from a tenant, which was previously handled manually, is now handled automatically via the Web within the property company's existing business system. "It looks promising. Our industry knowledge and platform, combined with Enea Business Software's strengths and competence, makes us together a powerful player, with the resources and competences needed to help the industry move to the new generation of technological solutions," says Ola Gedenryd, MD of Master Consulting AB. In the long term, both parties will be seeking new ways to extend their partnership further. For further information, please contact: Ola Gedenryd, MD, Master Consulting, tel: + 46 (0) 40 10 83 87, e-mail: ola.gedenryd@masterconsulting.se Michael Öberg, deputy MD, Enea Business Software, tel: 46 (0) 8 507 14000, e-mail: michael.oberg@enea.se Enea registered Sweden's first Internet domain, 'enea.se', in 1983. Enea Business Software - a subsidiary of Enea - is continuing the tradition of being a leader in system development and system integration by offering today total undertakings for IT support for business and e- business solutions of the future. Enea Business Software is driven by the vision of using personal commitment to unite commercial awareness with humanity and life-long learning. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/03/20001103BIT00220/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/03/20001103BIT00220/bit0002.pdf