New Chairman of the Board for Enea

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New Chairman of the Board for Enea At Enea Data AB's board meeting held on August 28th, it was decided to appoint board member Jan Rynning as the new Chairman of the board. Rynning succeeds Åke Dovärn, who has requested removal from his post as Chairman of the board. Dovärn remains a member of the board. Åke Dovärn says: "We find ourselves in a situation where we cannot anticipate an upturn in the market for the corporation's products and services within the foreseeable future. We have therefore decided to review the corporation's business concept from a impartial viewpoint. I am convinced that new approaches will be needed to drive this process. I have therefore requested my removal from the office of Chairman but remain as a member of the board in order to contribute the factual knowledge that I possess about Enea and the market." The board decided further to initiate a program aimed at bringing the corporation to break-even as fast as possible. This program will include taking an unbiased overview of the corporation's business concept, the investigation of potential structural transactions and to overlook overall effiency further. The newly appointed Chairman Jan Rynning says: "Enea has got very strong competences and a strong brand. In the short term perspective we will be concentrating on getting the corporation's businesses back to break-even while at the same time securing Enea's core competence. We are convinced that those players who are the fastest to turn around the trend from loss to profit will have the best opportunities for making sound structural transactions. Enea has the potential to be one of these." For more information, please contact: Jan Rynning, +46 702 138 180 Ola Berglund, CEO: +46 8507 140 00 About Enea The Enea Group offers products, services and training for real-time systems and information systems development. Our customers are mainly system and product developers of communications and safety-critical applications, and other companies and organizations with high demands on quality. Our more than 30 years of experience within real-time systems benefits our clients through rapid and assured product development for advanced real-time applications. Enea's world leading real-time operating system OSE is used for many products from datacom and telecom suppliers.. The Enea Group, headquartered in Täby, Sweden, numbers 700 employees located in Finland, Germany, France, England, Japan and the USA besides Sweden. For more information about Enea, visit our web sites, and ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: